[!] Help out ARMYs!


Apply to be a moderator for bangtan.tumblr.com and join our team! More details are in this post! Mods will be helping us out with posting fantakens, previews, and etc.

Are you a translator or subber? Help out bts-trans.tumblr.com and join their team! More details are in this post!

Lastly, please support the Bangtan Booth @ KCON 2014 by donating here! Donations are closing this Friday, so if you want to donate, please do so soon!

Thanks to all ARMYs who have applied for any of the above positions, or have donated to the Bangtan Booth! Our respective teams really appreciate all the help!

if namjoon was your boyfriend | inspiration


zia-co replied to your post: anonymous said:i know korean, but…

I know how to ask for meat, hire me pls

we will have one full video thats just them asking for meat repeatedly. ur on the team



So, earlier today Tumblr caught wind of youtube user VenusAngelic, after she uploaded a video called ‘How to Look Half Japanese’


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익명 회원
i know korean, but not that fluently. but im now learning korean grammar + words etc. and i fckn love bts. but idk if i can sumbit or nah

watch a video - lets say a vlog of theirs - and see how well you would translate what they’re saying! if you’re good verbally at korean and could help with videos that’s rly what we’re looking for

[!] Translator Application!


At the moment, we are currently seeking out Korean to English translators mostly to help with translating videos which will include bombs, logs, shows, and anything else that may be released. 

If you’d like to join our team, please submit this application through our submit box!


Username (tumblr/twitter):


Time Zone:

Experience (optional):

Length of time online daily:

How well do you know/understand Korean?: 

Do you consider bts-trans a main priority? (if you are involved in other translating groups):

If you have any questions please send us an ask! Don’t miss out on this opportunity~ We hope many of you will consider joining us!

hey guys i know theres a severe lack of videos that arent translated but if you know korean and love bangtan enough you should join and help fix that!!!! thank you ;_;

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